What Happened At #GoogleForNigeria Event

Recently, the CEO of the world’s biggest search engine Google was in Nigeria for the Google for Nigeria event at Landmark Event Center in Lagos. At the event, the company announced progress made in their products and features for users in Nigeria, including YouTube, Search and Maps. They also announced initiatives focused on digital skills … Continue reading What Happened At #GoogleForNigeria Event


Documentary: Agbado e-Learning Hub

Recently we executed a documentary project - Agbado e-Learning Hub. What made the project special to us is the zeal with which the initiator goes about achieving the charitable cause. If people can take it upon themselves to improve the plight of the needy selflessly, then the world will be a better place to be. Truly … Continue reading Documentary: Agbado e-Learning Hub

A Child’s Love

  A child's love is so sweet, A child's love cannot be beat. The way they look you in the eye, The way they hold you when they cry. Believe it or not they truly care, And no matter what they need you there. They take good thoughts and fill up your head, They hug … Continue reading A Child’s Love


Cattle Market Stroll

Some of the views seen while strolling across Kara Cattle Market, Ogun State.


#ShortStory: What If Nigeria Has No Secrets?

Nigerians woke up to the news that the country had fallen victim to accidental orbital satellite broadcasting, and that brought about lots of exposé and further chain reaction.


#ShortStory: Dear Fiancé, Thank You For Making Me Marry The Best Husband

Date: Saturday, September 11, 2010 (10:15pm) Recipient: henry_chuks@gmail.com Subject: Safe Journey Love Hi love, I know you’d be surprised to receive this mail when it’s likely your plane is yet to take off, well it’s to let you know I’m missing you already, as well as to wish you a safe flight. Sincerely, I’m scared that we’d be far apart, but I know that the love we share would always keep our hearts together till you come back for me as promised. Please don’t be tempted by those ladies in U.S.A o! Just like i’d be faithful to you here, as you’re my first, only and last love. Yours ever, Stella.


#ShortStory: Do You Trust Me Honey?

Banke flipped through the fashion magazine nonchalantly, she had read it over a thousand times in the past, but being a boring Sunday afternoon with no power supply, she had picked it up among other editions to while away the time, and perhaps see if any fashion style could interest her. Suddenly, she felt a … Continue reading #ShortStory: Do You Trust Me Honey?