#ShortStory: What If Nigeria Has No Secrets?



The minister swore loudly, and his three youngest children in the expansive living room froze in shock at his profanity.

“What?” he bellowed. “Haven’t you heard that before in your life, will you all get lost now?”

The teenagers scurried away when they saw him pick up the highly expensive clock on the mantelpiece and hurled it at them. The clock shattered on a nearby wall, as well as every electronic appliance within his reach.

They looked at each other bewildered, and retreated to safety quietly; each of them understood perfectly the current fragile state of the nation, and what was eating him and obviously lots of other high ranking public office holders up.

The turn of events within the week was actually enough to make people act eccentrically. The series of emergency meetings and protests were enough pointers that things could go entirely wrong if care is not taken. A five-day ultimatum given by the protesting yet surprisingly organized citizenry, supported by the rank and file of the armed forces proved that truly the long awaited ball of change in Nigeria had been set rolling, and everything began in outer space.

When China announced two months ago that her newly developed technological advanced satellite was missing in orbit, Nigerians weren’t that enthused about the news because they felt it wasn’t of any importance to them, little did they know that it was the messiah sent to deliver the country from the gallows of corrupt practises impoverishing the masses.

The satellite was indeed one of a kind invention that not only transmits to earth, but also transforms electronic devices like televisions, computers, mobile phones into surveillance devices that captures video and audio files which is then re-transmitted back to the satellite, and apparently back to the observatory station. Little wonder it was named Yӑn, meaning Eye in simplified Chinese.

Yӑn drifted off point in space, and circumstantially halted at Nigeria’s longitudinal axis; in other words, all recently made in China electronic devices in Nigeria stealthily transformed into surveillance devices at the satellite’s command. Unfortunately for corrupt leaders, most of their misdeeds were recorded and these proofs were leaked to Nigerian anti-corruption alliance in diaspora, from where it travelled back home.

Within days, revolt groups were formed and nationwide protests began. For the first time in Nigeria, almost all tribal groups and religions put aside their differences, and teamed up for ‘Operation Halt The Nation For Real Change’. Labour unions went on indefinite strike action, companies that refused joining the strike action were picketed. The security operatives drafted to quell the uprising joined in when they realized that the masses are united and battle ready, and the fight is against injustice which would benefit even them as well. Most of them joined especially when they realised the massive fraud done by senior officers on arms allocation, pension scheme and welfare packages. The call was simple and plain; the constitution must be rewritten with the following among others included…

Nigeria must practise real federalism whereby resources would be controlled by states and allocation be given to federal, rather than the other way round.

The inclusion of capital punishment for corruption with forfeiture of all belongings if found guilty.

Unnecessary brutality by the armed forces would have a minimum punishment of twenty-five years incarceration without parole, and life imprisonment for extrajudicial killings.

Current political leaders must sign an undertaken within the next five days that every ill gotten wealth must be returned to the nation’s coffer within a month to avoid being pronounced guilty of corrupt practices, and that extends to past leaders as well.

The international community supported the decision, with only few countries and Amnesty International clamouring for imprisonment rather than death for corrupt officials. The die had been cast, and everyone was watching.

The minister paced about for a while in the room, stumped on debris of gadgets and cursed them (and China) repeatedly.

“I can’t give up everything just like that.” He muttered.

He decided getting in touch with a colleague, but realized he had destroyed his phone during his tantrum, believing it must have components made in China.

“Why couldn’t we manufacture anything in this country?” He mused, but his conscience screamed the answer back to him that it’s because of corrupt, greedy and self-centred leaders like him that squanders the country’s wealth at every available opportunity without developing the economy the reason.

His wife stepped quietly in, and the look on her face spoke volume.

“What is it?” He asked with irritatedly.

“The President has accepted the demand of the masses and signed the undertaken on behalf of the executive arm of the government. The Senate president resigned, and the deputy would be complying shortly as well as the judiciary arm. The people have won.”

In utter shock, he sat heavily on the floor and wept profusely.


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  1. I could imagine the faces of those currupt greedy leaders and the fear of been discovered and given capital purnishment. This is what we need in Nigeria right now, where there will be equitable distribution of wealth, and resources, where nigerians can sit and watch their hardwork pay, made in Nigeria goods will find itself in the global market. Power will not be manipulated but earned. I really wish these come through. It really can, it has to begin with you, me, Everyone! Lets take our destiny in our hands!!! If you are with me say “YES! We Can!!!! “


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